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Personal training •  Fitness for life's adventures

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     My philosophy is simple. Invest in your exercise, nutrition & your passions. Train these vital few as they have a disproportionately large effect on your happiness & wellbeing


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Trial period includes a free consultation  to discuss preferences, injury status and to hear  about your goals. You’ll receive one 60 min personal training session designed to meet your needs and access to one 60 min bootcamp class.


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HIIT Training

"Jason is very professional and knowledgeable and changes my twice weekly sessions to meet my goals e.g. getting me ready to ski and feeling my best for my daughters wedding"

- Alison Kenny, Easebourne

Personal Training

"... he has very positive and motivational approach. He helped me fit into my wedding dress that due to an error at the wedding shop arrived 3 inches too small in the waist..."

- Alicja Morgan, Midhurst

Small Group Training

"... got me ready for my windsurfing trip in Baja. Now I feel stronger and faster all down to your professional approach. Next on the agenda is preparing me for my ski trip to Italy and keeping me strong for those cycling trips I spring on you"

- Gary Allen, Southsea

Bridgeman's bootcamp 


Fun filled hour of full body conditioning. It can be as easy or as hard as you like. Either way we're not taking ourselves too seriously and we're  making the most of the great outdoors.

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The Grange gym, Midhurst

The gym is modern and well equipped with cardio, resistance machines and free weight areas. Set in the heart of Midhurst West Sussex the facility offers a scenic place to sit and unwind post session.