Fitness for the journey


Hi I'm Jason, an experienced personal trainer and member of REPs (a governing body that sets quality standards for personal training). I spent 6 years working ski seasons at Val D'isere, France and I'm passionate about the outdoors, feeling happiest in the mountains. Each year we do our best to make it to the Alps but the South Downs are amazing and I love biking through the hills when I can. The gym is the Ying to the outdoors Yang. It's a place to test mind and body and prep you for what makes you happiest .

I provide one to one training and nutrition advice from the Grange gym Midhurst, Westgate leisure centre Chichester or at your home if you prefer.

I specialise in using bodyweight exercises and weighted equipment to affect body composition change. You know... become leaner and fitter. But my real specialism is using these strength and conditioning techniques to motivate and empower people, to help unlock your potential.

My philosophy is simple. Invest in your exercise, diet and passions. Train these vital few for they have a disproportionately large effect on your happiness and wellbeing.