Apart from being a really lovely guy, Jason is an experienced and committed PT. Really easy to get on with, listens to what you want to achieve and pushes you to get RESULTS! Jason helped me lose weight and tone for my wedding in a relatively short period of time.
— Karina, Chichester
I’ve totally changed the way I train thanks to him. Jason is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging. My fitness has noticeably increased and I can now do full length push ups.. something I thought would never be possible. I can also lift much heavier weights and generally push myself harder throughout each session. He is extremely reliable and punctual, always set up and ready to start training with the whole session planned. I feel very comfortable with Jason, never feel embarrassed if I can’t do something. I like talking to him about exercise and eating habits. Jason has been a great help to me, I feel so much happier.
— Claire, Midhurst

I’ve been PTing with Jason for over a year. He’s been so supportive and an integral partner along my journey. Each week he’s prepared, on time and brings the energy I need to motivate me onwards. Great commitment, support and encouragement. Here’s to another year!
— Ben, Chichester

Jason has been PTing me for a while now. I’ve lost weight and toned up, everything I’ve wanted to happen. I also attend his circuits class and bootcamp, all very good. Jason is always there on time and prepared for the session, I would totally recommend him for anyone.
— Sue, Midhurst

Twice per week for over a year I’ve trained with Jason. Each workout has been fun and varied, no two sessions exactly the same. My goal is to get stronger and I’ve progressively done so. Jason always offers me the option to push harder and somehow I very nearly always take it! Highly recommended.
— Andries, Singleton

I’ve had excellent PTing from Jason. He customised my training to help me reach my goals. My training was sensibly adjusted to work around some minor injuries which has kept me fit and able to compete as a rower. I would highly recommend Jason.
— Andrew, Midhurst

I received personal training from Jason for several months and I can truly say that he is quite simply the best. He is knowledgeable about the body and choosing the correct exercises, constantly adjusting workouts to help me reach my goals.He is always on time, very reliable and most professional and down to earth. He has very positive and motivational approach. He helped me to fit into my wedding dress that due to an error in measuring at the wedding shop arrived 3 inches to small in the waist - 2 months before the wedding.
— Alicja, Midhurst
Jason has been training me for almost 2 years. He is very professional and knowledgeable and changes my twice weekly sessions to meet my goals e.g. getting me ready to ski and feeling my best for my daughters wedding. He would be excellent for anyone rehabilitating after injury. I feel I have achieved a lot under his guidance. The sessions fly past and every session is different. Jason is thoughtful, motivating and fun and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Alison, Easebourne
Good job mate, you have once again sorted out a great training programme. Got me ready for my windsurfing trip to Baja you listened to my needs now I feel stronger and faster all down to you and your professional approach. Next on the agenda is preparing me for my ski trip to Italy and keeping me strong for those cycling trips I spring on you.
— Garry, southsea